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Questions for Little potters

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the pottery you choose. The price of each item is shown on the pottery shelves, so you know before you start painting. Prices range from as little as £6.00 up to £30.00.

Is this just for kids?


Painting is for everyone: babies, toddlers, children and grown-ups too.

Come along, give it a go and have a very lovely something at the end of it!

Do I need to book?

Ideally yes.

We advise you to book at weekends and also in the school holidays; you never know just how busy we will be. But if you’re just passing and want to pop in, we will always do our very best to squeeze you in.

How long do the sessions last?

Obviously, painting a larger item will take much more time than painting a small item. When booking a session we book for 2 hours, especially during busy periods. But don’t worry if you don’t finish your masterpiece in time, you are welcome to pop back another time to finish off. We’ll look after it until you’re ready for it to be fired.

When will I get my masterpiece back?

Generally in one week.

After glazing, your finished item will be fired at a high temperature making it food and dishwasher safe. We do our best to have your masterpiece ready for you to collect within a week. If you require something back sooner just let us know and we will do our very best to have it ready for you.

During super busy times like Christmas, Easter and school holidays, the one week waiting time may be slightly longer.

Are the paints safe?

All our paints are child safe; they’re water-based and non-toxic. We also provide aprons for our painters. Any spillages will easily wash out in the washing machine.

When do I pay?

All items are paid for at the time of painting. We can take cash or card payments, but we do not take cheques.

What if my pottery gets damaged?

There is always a very small chance that your pottery could be damaged in the kiln.  We understand that this can be upsetting for you. It’s really horrible for us too! If anything is damaged, we always offer you another visit to little potters to paint your item again free of charge.

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